Artist’s impression of Kevin Rudd’s ego

Artist’s impression of Kevin Rudd’s ego

Cameras Lights Direct Inaction

Reviewed by Bugle Palaeontologist Herbi Vore

Cameras Lights Direct Inaction is the exciting new offering from cinema maverick Tony Abbot. This seat of your pants tour de force follows the tragic life of Eddie Maguire’s illegitimate half brother Freddie Maguire and his torrid love affair with a pious nun and climate sceptic called Babs played by Bronwyn Bishop. It also stars Clive Palmer as gravity, Sophie Mirabella as the anti Christ and Kevin Rudd’s ego as the endless reaches of space. And in the role that has made him a household hold name across Europe Sven Mericat Hardian Johansen Smithe as the one that got away. Produced by Andrew Bolt’s bile in association with Alan Jones’ closet, Cameras Lights Direct Inaction was filmed entirely in the back seat of Eddie Macquire’s Lexus.

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