Issue #10


Minke whale pod given go-ahead to kill Japanese for ‘Research Purposes’

The international Minke whale Association (iMwA) has successfully applied to the UN for a licence to kill 935 Japanese whalers over the next 12 months for “scientific purposes”.

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Giant leap for science

The CSIRO has successfully bred a cane toad with an Eddie MacGuire face.

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Day in Iraq without senseless slaughter – Everyone confused

At least four civilians were not killed and seven not wounded in a gun battle that didn’t happen in northern Baghdad yesterday.

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Inside this issue

Sex found to be anti-climax

Footse Injured In Under The Table Trade

No news actually turns out to be bad news

Israeli troops fail to locate perpetrator of suicide attack

Early Projections Prove Early Projections Are Useless

This is banal… really it is

Late 30s single woman wisely decides to drop standards a tad

Oil For Krill Scandal Continues Unabattered

IKEA secures another 5,689 souls

Starbucks serves 1 billionth cup of crap coffee

‘I’ve never had major knee surgery on any other part of my body’ reveals footy player

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