Issue #11


14a Gladstone Ave, Werribee, wins 2016 Olympics

The 2016 Olympic Games will be held at 14a Gladstone Ave, Werribee, the International Olympic Committee has announced.

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Life found on Mars, world shits itself, Catholic church out of a job, Donald Trump in trouble, Peter Dutton stares blankly

The finding of life on Mars by a NASA probe to Mars nicknamed “A NASA probe to Mars” has triggered widespread hysteria.

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Arvo spent looking for suitable emoticon to express existential crisis

Following a lunchtime epiphany over diet coke and homemade ham sandwiches, Mr Mori Bund, accounts payable clerk at Crazy Ken’s Computer Repairs in Bentleigh, spent yesterday afternoon searching for the right emoticon to express his profoundly altered perception of reality.

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Inside this issue

Julie Bishop’s stare bores Pilbara mine

Tibetan dolphin landmine victims demand gay right

RBA stamps interest rates, “Made in China”

Climate change blamed for climate change

Sand tired of being mistreated

Verbal contract not worth paper it’s written on

Googie furious with canapés at arts gig

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