Issue #3


Council transforms Albert Park for growth

Port Phillip Council is to turn Albert Park into a kangaroo farm to maximise export opportunities provided by the recent Euro BSE and foot and mouth disaster.

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Exclusive! Bugle and Packer sign peace treaty

Bugle Corp and Australia’s richest man, Kerry Packer, have emerged congenial from two days of peace negotiations after their failed bid for John Fairfax and Company turned acrimonious.

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“God gets more roots than any bloke I know,” boasts local Reverend

In an attempts to drum up interest in local church, St Kilda’s favourite God botherer, the Rev. Fee Blemind, has claimed God gets more roots than any bloke he knows. “I know heaps of ripe virgins who regularly decline offers for horizontal folk dancing ,” said the Reverend.

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News brief

Goodbye and good riddance Village Belle fruitologist

Fiona Horne strikes a home run with Tim Webster!

Krafty QC does his bit for the ladies?

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