Issue #4


An Ernie Dingo stole my baby!

Local seventh day adventist Mrs Julia Tamson-Jones is claiming an Ernie Dingo stole her baby. “I was just wakling down Grey Street and a crazed Ernie Dingo burst out of the bush and took Johnny off the adventure playground where he’s having such a good time he refuses to come home,” she revealed exclusively to the St Kilda Bugle.

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Junkie Pigeon Terror!

Local junkies fear for their well being after a spate of attacks by crazed junkie pigeons. Flocks of pigeons have developed smack addictions after years of pecking away at junkie spew on St Kilda’s sidewalks and bus shelters.

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Inside this issue

The Lonely Bugle Guide to Nauru

Man understands mechanic

Desperate Burger King introduces junkie special

St Kilda to list online betting haven

Meat is back on the catwalk!

Japanese spear Albert Park Whale sanctuary proposal

Nuclear family blows up

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