Issue #6


Arsonist sets fire to own arse!

Freddy McGuire, known arsonist and half-brother of popular TV personality Eddie, was admitted to hospital last night suffering third-degree burns to his own arse.

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CNUT goes hard up against FCUK!

Global brand connexions Netherlands und Tazahkstan has finally hit Australian shores with its riotous blend of Flemish flair and Tazahkstani freedom spirit!

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Jim’s Mobile Detention Centres

Jim’s mowing and gardening franchise has expanded to include Jim’s Mobile Detention Centres. Initially the service will be restricted to Balaclava, East St Kilda & Elsternwick but depending on market reaction Jim may extend the service to Carlton and Fitzroy and beyond.

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News briefs

Sofa not poof

Man in undies seen on Fitzroy St – “It scared the pants off me!”

Local boy invents fat-free underpants™

Queen gets rooted

Shock! Brain cell found in head of Weimaraner

Dokic family out of this world!

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