Issue #7


Bush denies placing stink bomb in Hussein’s locker “it was Arafat”

George Bush has denied placing a stink bomb in Saddam Hussein’s gym locker during Thursday play-lunch, claiming it was Blue House captain Yasser Arafat.

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Cow killed in abattoir accident

An investigation is underway at a Melbourne abattoir today following an accident resulting in the death of a cow.

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Dokic on the telly!

Channel Nine’s new reality show Backyard Ballsups premiers this Wednesday night at 7:30pm.

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Inside this issue

Whitney Houston we have a problem!

Ashley Bush fires rip through Dandenongs.

Bette Midler found middling.

Madonna Kebab comes with Humus.

Alanis Morissette found ironic.

Review: al-Jazira tv’s new smash hit sitcom Just Shoot Me.

Nuclear family blows up. Westpac buys West Bank

Inner urbanite wears ironic T-Shirt

Steps taken in stolen ladder case

Boyfriend agrees – “Bum looks big in that”

SHOCK! – Advertising Executive has original idea

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