Artist’s impression of Kevin Rudd’s ego

Cameras Lights Direct Inaction

Reviewed by Bugle Palaeontologist Herbi Vore

Now where’s that Hansard at?

TV reviews “where we review wot’s on the TV!”

Series two of Bewildebeests stars Tony Abbot, Clive Palmer and the immigration minister you have when you don’t have an immigration minister Scott Morrison.


Minke Whale Pod Given Go-ahead to Kill Japanese Whalers for “Scientific Porpoises”

The International Minke Whale Association (IMWA) has successfully applied to the UN for a licence to kill 935 Japanese whalers over the next 12 months for “scientific purposes”.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee?

Has anyone ever seen Meatloaf and Gina Rhienhart in the same room?

Rock legend Meatloaf is suing masks are claiming that it illegally used an image of his face for a range of Gina Rheinhart Halloween masks last week.


Man’s life to peak at 7.14pm EST

Mervin Forward gets some shut-eye before this evening’s big event, after which everything will be downhill.

That guy on the right is not happy.

Christ’s life insurance claim rejected

“He died. Then he didn’t. Then he died, but lives in heaven. Technically he’s still alive so we aren’t paying,” claim AMP assessors.

Secret Chinese prototype of typical Aussie backyard

Bloody Chinese!

Confidential ASIO cables obtained exclusively by the Bugle Network News reveal that China is secretly importing tanker loads of Australian dirt disguised as coal and slowly rebuilding Australia in its western provinces.

The Nauruan parliament in session earlier this week

Chinese steal stuff from Nauru!

The Chinese government has gone silent amid mounting evidence that last week they stole the Nauruan government’s PC.

President Rouhani also promises to put the right hand in and shake it all about.

Iran’s President Rouhani to perform chicken dance

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that the West will only lift harsh economic sanctions on Iran if new President Rouhani dismantles Iran’s nuclear program AND performs the chicken dance live on Al Jazeera TV.


Local robots losing jobs to Chinese robots

A new study by the Institute of New Studies has found Chinese manufacturing robots are stealing Australian manufacturing robots jobs.

Alan has insisted the constitutional amendment be policed by these two men.

Alan Jones demands ruddy faced shouting become new national language

Shock Jock Alan Jones is demanding a constitutional amendment to enshrine ruddy faced shouting as our new national language.