Secret Chinese prototype of typical Aussie backyard

Bloody Chinese!

Confidential ASIO cables obtained exclusively by the Bugle Network News reveal that China is secretly importing tanker loads of Australian dirt disguised as coal and slowly rebuilding Australia in its western provinces.

The Nauruan parliament in session earlier this week

Chinese steal stuff from Nauru!

The Chinese government has gone silent amid mounting evidence that last week they stole the Nauruan government’s PC.

President Rouhani also promises to put the right hand in and shake it all about.

Iran’s President Rouhani to perform chicken dance

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that the West will only lift harsh economic sanctions on Iran if new President Rouhani dismantles Iran’s nuclear program AND performs the chicken dance live on Al Jazeera TV.


Local robots losing jobs to Chinese robots

A new study by the Institute of New Studies has found Chinese manufacturing robots are stealing Australian manufacturing robots jobs.


Nostrovia! Bottoms up!

Following the passing of anti gay laws in Russia, being gay in Russia is now officially worse than being Russian in Russia.