Minke Whale Pod Given Go-ahead to Kill Japanese Whalers for “Scientific Porpoises”

The International Minke Whale Association (IMWA) has successfully applied to the UN for a licence to kill 935 Japanese whalers over the next 12 months for “scientific purposes”.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee?

Has anyone ever seen Meatloaf and Gina Rhienhart in the same room?

Rock legend Meatloaf is suing masks are us.com claiming that it illegally used an image of his face for a range of Gina Rheinhart Halloween masks last week.


Man’s life to peak at 7.14pm EST

Mervin Forward gets some shut-eye before this evening’s big event, after which everything will be downhill.

No he aint!

Moshiach not coming!

Jewish entertainer/messiah Moshiach has cancelled all five shows at the Palais Theatre citing otherworldly commitments, a poor exchange rate, and a fear of flying in the present international climate.


Cow killed in abattoir accident

An investigation is underway at a Melbourne abattoir today following an accident resulting in the death of a cow.

Work will soon commence on the proposed athletics track

14a Gladstone Ave, Werribee, wins 2020 Olympics

The 2016 Olympic Games will be held at 14a Gladstone Ave, Werribee, the International Olympic Committee has announced.