Second series of Bugle Network News airing from April 18 on Channel 31.

BNN Episode 4

Coming up in this bulletin an 11 year old boy is grounded after hacking into the Pentagon and NASA reveal that most of the universe is missing presumed drowned.

BNN Episode 3

In this bulletin Cow killed in abattoir accident, News Limited sells lowest common denominator to Disney and marijuana customer advised to press the hash key.

BNN Episode 2

In this bulletin we talk to a greenie midget who has just chained himself to a bonsai tree and later on look at a new study that reveals the theory of relativity has black holes in it.

BNN Episode 1

In this bulletin we talk to police about the tragic death of chicken in an abattoir accident and  to the brother of a local man who was kicked to death by a duck.

Oh and here’s the first series…

BNN Episode 6 – Compile

Animal testing abandoned because they kept giving the wrong answers.
Green jobs fall into grey area then black hole.
And we ask “Why can’t you punch people through the internet yet?”

BNN Episode 5 – Kidnap

Coming up in this bulletin we talk to a cancer victim who’s been given a second chance at death and we’ll examine new research that’s found that there are 3 kinds of people: those who can count and those who can’t.

BNN Episode 4 – Office

A sudden spike in teenage pregnancy proves that Aussie kids still have what it takes and AMP assessors rejected a life insurance claim by a Mr Jesus Christ of Heaven maintaining they will not pay out life insurance to someone who is both alive and dead at the same time.

BNN Episode 3 – Hobo

We ask should prostitutes be bringing their profession into disrepute by consorting with TV shows such as “A Current Affair”? And the International Olympic Committee announces the 2020 Olympic Games will be held at 14a Gladstone Ave, Werribee.

BNN Episode 2 – Home

Early Projections Prove Early Projections are Useless
Marcel Marceau’s neighbours ask him to mime more quietly.
And a pod of Minke Whales successfully apply to the UN for a licence to kill 935 Japanese whalers for “scientific porpoises”

BNN Episode 1 – Skate Park

Cow dies in tragic abattoir accident
We ask should prostitutes be bringing their profession into disrepute by consorting with TV shows like A Current Affair?
And the height of rudeness ends the day at 5ft 4’

BNN – Pilot

Immigration minister Scott Morrison unable to answer a question about why he should answer questions about his early questioning questioning the question of his early question.